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If you're building or remodeling a home, do you know how much thought is going into the design of your new HVAC system(s)? Do you know how much calculating is going into the HVAC design? Most homes don't get nearly enough of either.

If you want your heating, cooling, and ventilating system(s) to perform well, you need to start with good design. Here's why you want good HVAC design:

  • You'll get a new heating and cooling system that is sized properly. Most new air conditioners are oversized, which means they don't dehumidify as well and can break down sooner.
  • You'll get a distribution system that delivers the right amount of conditioned air to each room. Many contractors skimp on this part of the HVAC system. Even if they start right with Manual J they often don't use Manual D, T and S.
  • Your home will be comfortable and efficient. We perform detailed calculations to ensure it.

HVAC Permit Package

  • Heat Loos / Heat Gain Calculation
  • Duct design Calculations
  • Drawing b/w 11" x 7"
  • Energy Efficiency Design Summary
  • Residential Mech. Ventilation Design Summary
  • Schedule 1

# One level house including basement ............ $ 690
# Two levels house including basement .......... $ 790
# Three levels house including basement ........ $ 890

* HST is not included in price
* for 2nd project 10% discount + 10% for the first project
* for 3rd and next projects 20% discount